An ode to a loved one

We’ve travelled the long road together for the last 10 years. She has been my ever eager and non-complaining companion on some special and memorable journeys. Enthusiastically responding to all my prods and nudges. Steering me through 5 job changes, 6 house changes and a million mood changes uncomplainingly. She was large hearted and strong enough to welcome the ‘other’ woman with open arms, never once throwing a jealous fit. She proudly welcomed the arrival of ‘the’ lil miss with glee, initially safely cocooned and ensconced at the back and with the passage of time, to the forefront. She was a willing teacher, initiating the lil miss and getting her hooked to Grateful Dead, Phish, Van Morrisson, America and the likes.

Of late her bones have started showing signs of her age. Even though her heart continues to remain strong and her mind agile, we felt it was time we part ways. We have found a nice home that would take care of her for the next few years and decided to do a comprehensive health check before she leaves us. The doctor who examined her remarked about how well she carries her age and wanted to compliment us for showering our love and affection on her all these years. Adieu my Honda City KA03MA-6374, you loved me well and taught me to love as well.

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