Efficient Scavengers

The dialog box on one of the social media interfaces says ‘What’s on your mind?’. And, for the life of me, I cannot shake off the image of vultures. Why is that, you ask?
Well, they are big birds and are being systematically driven to extinction, so I don’t know when I will get a nice image of one next. And. I guess it is obvious from these blog-posts, I love birds. Maybe it is also because I love flight – both seeing feathered creatures soar as well as my own professional experience in the Aviation business. But mostly, I have vultures on my mind as they are efficient scavengers and they remind me of what is currently playing out in the aviation world, specifically in India.
I can see some vultures are seeing a (potential) carcass. And they are catching a thermal, hovering, circling, waiting to swoop and get their share before they are muscled out. Some have made their play early, while some have waited to make their play.

Without a doubt, though, they will efficiently scavenge and leave no trace of the creature that was. And life will go on. And the creature will be forgotten. And this will play out again in the future. Because life usually comes a full circle and all living creatures eventually die.

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