Tiger on the greens

Tiger joined me on the 6th green at DLF this morning – before you get ahead of yourself, it wasn’t the Tiger that you usually associate with the game of golf. And no, it wasn’t the magnificent feline as well.

The lady (I think it is a female) was definitely a distraction on the green and I missed my birdie putt. She was sitting right on the line that I needed to hit my putt and refused to budge. Maybe she was posing for a nice picture. So I whipped out the only camera I had handy, my iPhone, and reeled off a couple of pictures.

The rest of the group was probably thinking that I was lying flat on the putting surface to try and line up my putt – I haven’t seen too many people do that so they must definitely have been intrigued, I think. But there was a general silence all around and no comments. Maybe they thought that I was desperate to sink that putt and were taking it in their stride. But how could they miss a Tiger on the green – it is supposedly one of the more magnificent sights in golf;-)

Anyway, after posing for a few pic, she did flit away and I could get down to the task of missing yet another birdie putt and add to my growing tally of misses this month.

A Plain Tiger butterfly sitting on the 6th green at DLF Golf Course

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