Hidden gems in the storage

Over the last few weeks, I have spent some time to put together a collection of my images that a friend can use for his 2019 calendar. Not having been very organised in processing and archiving the 4GB+ of images that I seem to have clicked, I relied on my blogposts and my FB Cover photos to select about a dozen of these. That was quite a convenient start point as I had become a bit more diligent and organised post 2016. But I was sure that there were a few clicks before that period that warranted a consideration. When you spend some time scouring through your archives there is always a high chance that you will stumble upon some of these.

This image of the Wire-tailed Swallow was shot in Mar’14. I remember that we were floating down the Chambal River in the evening and there were these huge tanks floating on the river, don’t know their purpose, tied together with these thick ropes. As we floated toward one of these tanks I noticed that there was a small bird perched on a loop of the rope, preening itself. Turned out to be a swallow. Better still, the background was brilliant. So, I asked the boatman to let the current take the boat toward the perched bird and shot off a burst of images as we floated closer. This was one of them in the series, with the wings slightly opened. Though the image is a tad soft, probably because the stream was rocking us, it is definitely one that definitely makes the cut.

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