A monsoon time-lapse from my balcony

The monsoon is rolling into Gurgaon and the monsoon clouds are swirling around ominously. It has rained a bit this week, but that just ain’t enough. Weird things these weather apps are – they have been showing 45-55% chance of rain every hour for the last 2 days, but there has just been a few stray drops here and there.

The swirling clouds last evening were screaming for a time-lapse video – a few flights overhead (can you spot the streaks in the last few seconds), the moon playing hide-and-seek behind the clouds (in the top-left corner of the frame) and the ambient lights bouncing off the clouds (accentuated by the 2/3rds stop overexposure I went with) add some interesting touches to it. As do the sporadic lightning flashes in the sky. This was shot over 2 hours last evening, a series of images every 15-seconds, stitched together into a video.

The apps continue to show a decent chance of rains for the next couple of days as well and I do hope that the heavens open up over the next 48 hours. I will give anything for a lovely round of monsoon golf in pouring rains this weekend;-)

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