Breathless at 11,500 ft

A slight change from recent pics of small birds that look small in the frame, big bird that looks small, etc. The Brown Accentor is roughly the size of a house sparrow, so a small bird by all accounts. We spotted this a few kms up from the spot where the earlier pic of the Chukar Partridge was taken.

We all got out of the car and took a lot of time in approaching the bird. What is important to remember while approaching is to move slowly and not make any sudden movements that could startle the bird into flying away. By taking time, you would also let the bird get accustomed to your presence and once it does get comfortable, then you could be rewarded with some real close-ups. Which is exactly what we all did.

Of course, I have to mention that at 11,500 ft or so above sea level, I am not quite sure if I could have moved any other way but slooowly. The lower air pressure at this altitude makes it more difficult for oxygen to enter our vascular systems (by passing through the selectively permeable lung membranes into the blood) and thereby resulting in lower blood-oxygen levels. This bird was not exactly on the road but about 20-30 feet above us on the rocky slopes. It was not exactly a cake-walk, the climb. Carrying the 600mm bazooka up the slope was trickier. Getting rewarded with some nice images of the Brown Accentor made it totally worth it, though.

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