The Beautiful birds

I may be biased when I say that all birds are beautiful creatures. There is a poetic beauty in their entire existence. The way that they fly, their songs and call, their protectiveness of their little ones and the way they generally go about their lives. So much so that it shouldn’t really come as a surprise when some of them have this adjective in their name.

Of the 3 in India, I think that the Beautiful Nuthatch does really stand out with its black upper parts streaked with blue that contrasts with its rufous-orange underparts and mantle with white and blue streaks. I was lucky that this specific individual decided to momentarily leave the security of the dense foliage and make an appearance out in the open for us. It made for a breath-taking sight through the viewfinder, though he didn’t really oblige with the perfect head-turn that I was waiting for.

I wonder why this bird is named the Beautiful Sibia though – with the slate-grey appearance with chestnut-brown and black wings. Seemed quite dull and drab in comparison to the Beautiful Nuthatch or even the Rufous Sibia which has a nice rufous / cinnamon and black contrasts. Maybe the Rufous-backed Sibia, which I have not had the fortune to meet so far should have been named thus.

I haven’t yet had the good fortune of being introduced to the third of the “Beautiful” birds of India, the Beautiful Rosefinch. Hopefully, that meeting will happen sooner or later.

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