An Ultramarine Bird-scape

With increasingly narrower and narrower view points that I am coming across of late, I find myself pulling back often and looking at the bigger picture. Erm, hold on, this is not a philosophical piece, this is just how I see my perspectives and taste evolving in photography.

I started with wanting to take tighter and tighter close-ups of birds and now feel myself drawn in the completely opposite direction. There is something about pictures like this with a much wider scape of the subject that seems to resonate more with these days.

This one is from Chopta while we had stopped on the Mandal-Chopta road and were scanning for activity. There was this lovely tree trunk that was inviting any subject to come and perch on it and the Ultramarine Flycatcher obliged. The early morning sun falling on the leaves behind creating a nice golden-yellow hue in the frame with patches of darker greens and greys where the sunlight was not strong enough to penetrate. Not sure which one is the prettier sight – the background or the bird. What do you think?

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