Try a different perspective

Occasionally, subjects can present themselves in a way that could make for an interesting and different take on them.

Take, for instance, this one of the Greater Racket-tailed Drongo. For anyone who has seen this bird, the tail is the most interesting and distinctive feature of the bird. The adult has a long, twisted tail-streamers which end in rackets. When they fly, these tail-rackets stream behind them and twist around making it a very interesting sight. When I saw one of these sit on a branch quite close to where I was, I couldn’t help but to click this…

Or take this one of the Yellow-browed Bulbul on a rainy day somewhere in Munnar. It was completely soaked and was ruffling its feathers to try and get the water off them when I got this pic where the bird is completely unrecognisable.

Or this close-up of a tuskers face when we were so close to him that I couldn’t fit him even on a ultra-wide 11-16. I decided to switch to the 600mm and felt it was worth it.

An unusual perspective or a slightly different view makes for an intriguing image. One that could possibly get the viewer to pause and think. And visualise what you were thinking of when you clicked that photograph. Isn’t that worth a shot;-)

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