Rules are meant to be broken

There are times on the field that one has either too much or too less, glass I mean, and not the sort that is filled with an inebriating liquid. What does one do in such a situation?

We had spent nearly an hour chasing the Kerala Laughingthrush in Munnar in a futile attempt to get decent images. But the bird just kept to the deepest bushes and refused to peep out. Even when it made an appearance to the edge of these bushes, they were extremely fleeting and just not enough time to get a clear shot. We had given up on our last attempt attempt and were off to another location when we stumbled on a couple of them again.

We stopped our vehicle and quickly got out and saw a couple of them perched quite open. The only problem was that I had the 600mm glass on my camera and they were so close that there wasn’t any way I could get the entire bird in the frame. I had two choices – make something out of it anyway or back-up some distance so that I could get the entire bird.

Given the earlier experience, I went for the first option to begin with. It is not conventional in wildlife photography to include the subject only partially. But what the heck, these rules are meant to be broken, no?

Thankfully, this pair decided to be super obliging and we did get chances for the traditional images as well. But I liked this one over everything else that I shot.

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