A productive day at the Rann

The day started with a lifer (Steppe Grey Shrike) at the Banni Grasslands at the edge of the Greater Rann of Kutch. And continued with a good hour spent with the Stolickza’s Bushchat including a nice ‘puff and roll’ display (read my earlier blogpost for more on this).

Steppe Grey Shrike

The afternoon brought in 3 more lifers in the Thorn Forest area on the road between Beru and Rampar. The Marshall’s Iora was super tough to get images off with the bird jumping between trees – but I did manage a few good ones. And ended with a good 30-45 minutes with another lifer – the Sykes Lark.

Marshall’s Iora
Sykes Lark

The highlight for me was the White-naped Tit, classified as Globally Threatened (IUCN classification VU or Vulnerable). It is a small bird about 12-13 cms in size. It has a black mantle and wing-coverts with extensive patches of white on wing. It has a striking white patch on its nape with white sides to the breast and its flanks. Managed some nice pics of this bird and am posting a low-res image for reference (internet connections are not ubiquitous here despite all the recent rhetoric of making the country a cashless economy!!)

White-Naped Tit

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