The Free Bird Chronicles – Day 2

Well… the fall came quite early in the game. The day started off innocuously and as a seemingly nice day for golf. Did not seem too foggy at 5:45 am though it was a chill 6C. Armed with a hot cup of masala chai after a nice hot-water bath, I headed off to the course. After zipping through NH-8 I made the turn-off to realise that I was going to drive through progressively thick fog. I eventually reached the course at a crawl and noticed that the temp outside was a bone-chilling 4C with a nice wind to boot. The practice range and even several cups of coffee could not get warmth into the bones.

With the wind picking up, the fog got quickly dispelled and the shot-gun at 9am announced the start of the round. It was a really tough day out on the course. Extremely windy conditions made it nearly impossible to keep the ball on the fairway and hit the greens on the approach shots. I played some scrambling golf the only highlight being that I won the longest drive with a 285 yards shot into a 20-25 yard wind. The final score of 13-over 85 seemed very disappointing – but in hind-sight was only 2 strokes behind the best gross score posted on the day. So, I would rather put it down to the elements rather than bad golf. Atleast, this way I will want to go out there tomorrow and do it all over again.

It was 4pm by the time I got back home and it was time to start preparations of for the Spring Onion-Potato-Pumpkin soup that was the menu for dinner. Thankfully, that went well and there is certainly hope for an alternate profession to an alternate profession.

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